What is your online reputation saying about your business?

When was the last time you checked out your business’ online reputation? Did you know that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business or making a purchase? This means your online reputation and reviews could be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing one.
When managed properly, your reviews can boost your visibility on searches and increase the likelihood a customer chooses you.Reputation management is a great way to stay on top of your online presence and make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is a service to help businesses make sure their online presence matches their business values. All it takes is one bad online review to change your business’ reputation.

When you work with a reputation management service, you will get notifications whenever your business receives an online review on Google, Facebookand Yelp. This helps take the guesswork out of who is reviewing you and when.

And it’s not just enough to have a good review. It’s also vital to have your reviews professionally responded to. People tend to do business with people and companies that aren’t just concerned about the sale. People tend to work with companies that build relationships and community. You can show that relationship when you respond to your customers’ online reviews.

It’s also crucial to respond to dissatisfied customers. Showing that you have tried to fix the situation also shows that you care about the customer and want to make the situation right, so they become satisfied customers.

Reputation management also means that unsatisfied customers are directed to an email or phone number of your choice. This allows your business an opportunity to help the customer before they leave a bad review.

Reputation management helps build a positive online presence

When you work with a reputation management service, they can help you actively seek out reviews for your business. Consumers like to see multiple reviews when they are making decisions on where to spend their money. Each review helps build trust for your business.

Suppose you haven’t been paying attention to your online presence and are just now seeing that it’s not where you would like it to be. In that case, a reputation management service can help you get back on track. It’s not too late to create a better online reputation.

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